Have a cell phone you no longer use? Donate it! Your phone will be reused   or   recycled   in   an  environ-
mentally responsible manner, and your favorite non profit organization will receive cash. It's easy and convenient - simply search for your charity, print your prepaid shipping label and send the phone to us at no cost to you.Your cell phone donation will make a difference for our planet and the charity you choose.
Whether your non-profit organization does work worldwide or focuses on one neighborhood, CollectAPhone can help you raise funds. Claim and edit your page on CollectAPhone for greater visibility, and access our free customized marketing solutions to make your cell phone collection drive a success. This is a cost-free program with an unlimited earning potential for your organization.
Green your company's image while providing vital funds to your favorite non profit organization. Join our cost-free corporate cell phone recycling program today. Benefits include getting featured on our Honor Roll, an employee incentive program, the ability to send a personalized message to your charity and customizable marketing materials. CollectAPhone makes it easy to make a difference.
There are currently non profit organizations in our database.

Thank you for visiting CollectAPhone. Cell phone recycling is more important than ever. The average cell phone in the U.S. is used for only eighteen months, putting many used cell phones at risk of ending up in a landfill or incinerator. The improper disposal of cell phones can cause toxic materials such as lead and cadmium to be released into the air and water supply. Additionally, precious metals such as copper and other valuable materials in cell phones are wasted when they could be salvaged instead.

At CollectAPhone, we bridge the gap between people who have a cell phone, smartphone or PDA they no longer use and a convenient, eco-friendly and socially responsible recycling option. We pledge that every phone we receive will be reused or recycled. Additionally, we send cash to non profit organizations for every phone we receive, regardless of its age or condition. We are constantly adding more organizations, and all registered 501c3 organizations are eligible to benefit from our programs.

Protecting the environment by recycling cell phones has never been easier. Whether you are an individual, a non profit organization or a corporation, CollectAPhone has a convenient, cost-free program for you. Simply search for your favorite charity by name or location. After finding your favorite non profit organization, print a pre-paid postage label to send your phone to us at no cost. Once received, the phone will be evaluated and a percentage of the phone’s value will be sent directly to the non profit organization you chose.

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